Unicut Tail Docker

Unicut Tail Docker

  • £47.50

Unicut Tail Docker

Gas Tail Docker

  • for quick and painless tail docking of newborn piglets
  • lessens the risk of infections
  • tail docking recommended shortly after birth - 3-4 days max
  • one refill docks up to 120 tails
  • all metal parts made of stainless steel
  • complete kit with one tail docker and a canister of lighter gas

During tail docking the tails of newborn piglets are burnt off and by this the vessels close simultaneously.  Pathogens cannot penetrate when the vessels are sealed immediately.  Generally tails are docked to a length of 2-3 cm.  The reason for tail docking is to avoid cannibalism among pigs that might take place if tails remain long during rearing and fattening.

12 months' manufacturers' warranty.

Item no: 1113-6139  

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