Portable 32L AI Semen Storage Box

Portable 32L AI Semen Storage Box

  • £495.00

Robust portable AI storage box with carry handle.

This AI cabinet (Climax cabinet) is set to operate at a constant temperature between 16°C - 18°C to keep semen at the optimum temperature.  The cabinet will maintain these temperatures as long as the ambient temperature is 0°C - 28°C and should be kept out of direct sunlight.

The dimensions are 390mm x 5500mm x 460mm.  Weight 10.5kg.

The capacity of the cabinet is 80 doses.

The storage box comes with a power connection cable to run off mains and a 12V cigarette lighter connector to allow it to be operated from a car or tractor.

There is a digital temperature display.

12 months' manufacturer's warranty.

Item no: 1013-9650

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