UniFeeder Automatic Piglet Creep Feeder

  • £125.00

UniFeeder is a piglet creep feeder which automatically dispenses creep feed to piglets.  

UniFeeder is easy to operate – the feed curve is embedded to balance the compostion of the pre-starter mix and a litter size of 14 piglets.

The operator can use the buttons to adjust the feeding curve and days, if necessary, to fit larger or smaller litters or to increase or decrease the amount of feed as desired.

UniFeeder has a feed hopper with a capacity of 2 kg and once it has been filled up the dosing unit takes care of the rest.

UniFeeder ensures that the piglets receive the feed they need – neither too little nor too much. It allows piglets to have fresh and clean feed regularly and often and prevents over-feeding and feed waste.

Unifeeder is most beneficial when our PreFer is fed from 2 days after birth.  PreFer is an easily digested iron-containing feed.

The result is a bigger and stronger piglet at weaning which is able to adjust to the solid feed after weaning more easily and will grow faster post-weaning.

UniFeeder prioritizes creep feeding and frees-up time for the stockperson.

Item no: 1212-1200


You will also need a holder to attach the UniFeeder to the pen division and a trough.






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